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Erin Claire Jones - Helping People And Teams Based on Human Design

Episode Summary

This conversation is with Erin Claire Jones. She is an expert in the emerging personal development field of Human Design. She details how we can learn our Human Design and that we are uniquely wired to it. From which, we can better optimize our time, relationships, and work around our design. As a full-time leadership coach, she works with clients and guides to optimize performance personally and professionally through Human Design. In this episode, you will particularly learn about 1) five different types in detail 2) performance strategies for each 3) how Human Design effects your work performance 4) how Erin Claire grew her coaching practice and business on-the-side; and 5) insights from some of conversations with clients. Excited for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career with Erin Claire!

Episode Notes


  1. Erin Claire Jones website
  2. Erin Claire Jones Instagram account
  3. Accessing your Human Design Chart
  4. The Assemblage

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