Portfolio Career Podcast

Bonus - New Daily Recording Habit To Grow Skills

Episode Summary

This podcast is a bonus episode. Based on interest from listeners, I decided to share here more about me, behind the scenes, and my podcasting journey. Starting in May 2019, I begun a new daily 60 second recording habit with friends from The Podcasting Fellowship. The episode is solely a collection of those one minute clips. The content is focused on learnings about my podcasting mostly to share with friends in The Podcasting Fellowship. However, I think they can be applied to other creators. Some of my podcast interviews discussed the power of habit to momentum in work and skills as well Excited for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career!

Episode Notes


  1. Seth Godin's blog post, Lifelong Connection

  2. My thankful interview on the Impact Learning Podcast

  3. The Tim Ferriss Show with Julie Rice live recording

  4. What You Will Learn Podcast